• Call us at (480) 222-1199

    We have been photographing teams and individuals for a long time.  No team is too big or small for Southwest Portraits to photograph.  We have risers for the larger teams and powerful lighting to offset the Arizona sun.  Our investments includes the latest technology in equipment to create stunning individual portraits.  Need vinyl banners?  This is one of the additional services we offer.  Other services includes plaques, prints for sponsors, photos for a program and on-line ordering.  If you have any questions, please give us a call.

  • Online Ordering Information

    If you are interested in ordering your school portraits online, please click on the "Online Ordering" link above.  The passcode will be a random number that we provide the coach.  You can also call us for the passcode. Scroll through the photos until you find the ones you want to order.  Please keep in mind that you may be charged multiple shipping fees since these portraits are coming from different jobs.  Also keep in mind that we take down the previous jobs on July 15th after each school year and can only be ordered by calling us and purchasing a copyright free file (at current prices) that we will email to you.