Product Usage Guide

Tile and Grout Cleaner Usage Comparison

Choosing the right tile and grout cleaner is the first step to achieving professional results. The right cleaner depends on the project at hand and what type of dirt your are trying to remove from the tile and grout surface.

Cleaner Usage GuideDeep CleanEasy CleanMaintain
Removes Greasy Buildup
Prepares Grout For Color Seal
Cleans Tile – Ceramic/Porcelain
Cleans Natural Stone
Strips Acrylic/Synthetic Finish
Removes Penetrating Sealers
Safe For Any Surface

For tough stains that have soaked in and to remove greasy buildups, Deep Clean is the product of choice. For general surface dirt and to prepare grout for the Color Seal protection, Easy Clean handles the task effectively. For daily cleaning, Maintain is safe for any surface and will preserve the new tile and grout look.

Tile and Grout Sealer Usage Comparison

Protecting grout after a new installation or after cleaning is often times missed.  This leads to the porous grout joints absorbing every thing that is spilled on the tile.  Even regular mopping will discolor grout because of the dirt in the mop water soaking into the grout.  Without sealer, there’s no hope of keeping tiled areas looking clean for long.  Normal penetrating clear sealers only provide a window of opportunity to pick up a spill before it soaks in and don’t stain proof grout.  The Color Seal on the other hand restores grout color back to new, but also stain proofs the grout surface so dirt and spills are no longer able to penetrate in the future…even spills left to dry wipe off the grout with mild soapy water.  See our online grout color charts.

Sealer Usage GuideNo SealerColor Seal
Provides Stain Resistance
Reduces Maintenance
Oil/Water Based Stain Protection
Natural Looking Sealer
Covers Permanent Discoloration
Stain Proofs Grout
Restores/Changes Grout Colors

Color Seal is the choice among professionals because of the advanced stain proofing protection it provides. All permanent discoloration is eliminated; restoring a brand new, just installed look to the grout. Choose from hundreds of colors. In fact, we match every grout manufacturers color. View our online grout color charts.