Discover The Simple Grout Sealing Process That Restores Grout Color Back To New & Stain Proofs All In One Application

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Note: Monitor calibrations may vary. Color charts are approximations of the actual color. All colors are computer matched to the grout manufacturer’s plastic sample kit.  This Old Grout & Stone’s Grout Stain Sealer is a revolutionary product used to restore or change grout colors, known by contractors worldwide as the premium solution for transforming the look of old and dirty grout back to new again. Its advanced water based formula quickly bonds to grout lines to create an even and uniform color and appearance while locking out future stains. It is used to rejuvenate or change grout colors back to a uniform appearance and to protect new grout from discoloration and reduce maintenance.

Match or Restore Grout to Any Color

This product is available matching major grout manufacturer’s color, view online color charts by grout manufacturer tabs above. (Online colors are only a guide line, to get an accurate color selection use a physical grout color chart provided by one of the manufacturer’s above). Restores old dirty grout back to better than new. For 12×12 tile with a standard 3/8” grout joint, one 8 ounce bottle will cover approximately 350-500 sq.ft. Available in Gallon, 16 ounce, and 8 ounce sizes.

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Product Directions:

STEP 1. Start with clean grout and be sure it is dry. If needed, start with Deep Clean Grout Cleaner to remove greasy buildup. Then clean the grout with Easy Etch Grout Cleaner to prepare grout to bond with grout colorant. *New grout is ready for grout color seal protection 10 days after installation.

STEP 2. Apply a small bead of grout Color Sealer to the grout joint.

STEP 3. With a toothbrush or similar applicator, brush product into grout joint with a scrubbing motion.

GROUT SEALING TIP: Minimize the amount of excess grout sealer left on the tile but be sure to cover all of the grout in the joint.

STEP 4. Using a damp (not wet) terry cloth towel, immediately wipe excess product from tile with a light wiping motion.

STEP 5. As a final step, remove any residue using a damp then dry terry cloth towel over the whole area. Grout is now completely transformed.

Totally uniform in the color of your choice and stain proofed so dirt and spills cannot soak in.

*Keep grout dry for 10 days to allow time for the Color Sealer to cure.

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