See The Whole DIY Process

This video puts it all together and shows exactly how to apply This Old Grout’s tile and grout cleaner and Color Seal grout colorant on a real project so you can achieve professional results. See how simple the process really is.

Deep Clean Video Overview

This video demonstration shows when and how to use the Deep Clean Tile Cleaner & Sealer Remover to clean or prepare grout for Color Sealer restoration by removing greasy buildups and previous grout sealers and coatings.

Easy Clean Video Overview

This demonstration video shows how to use Easy Clean Tile Cleaner to prepare grout to bond with the Color Seal grout colorant.

Color Seal Video Overview

This video explains how to use the Color Seal grout stain to restore grout back to a uniform color of your choice and to stain-proof your grout in one application.