Private Labeling

Brand Your Business

Impress your customers with a cleaner that is customized with your company’s logo imprinted on the front of it and leave behind a constant reminder of the superior services you performed for them.


  • A high performance cleaner for all stone, tile and grout surfaces.
  • Provide your customer with the highest quality everyday cleaner, both in concentrate and ready-to-use sizes, manufactured by This Old Grout & Stone. With your own private labeled NEWtral cleaner, you can be sure that your clients will be maintaining the work you performed properly.
  • Leaves the customer with the highest impression of your company.
  • Selling your customers a cleaner with your company’s label imprinted on the front leaves them with the impression that your company is successful and reliable. How many other contractors can offer a product in their own bottle?
  • Branding – acts as a continual reminder of your company that will increase referrals.
  • You customers won’t have to look for your business card when recommending your services to their friends and family, they will just reach for the bottle with your name on it.
  • Adds more profit to every job.

Why instruct your customer on the proper maintenance of their newly finished stone, tile and grout without offering to sell them the best cleaner on the market? NEWtral is specifically designed for maintenance.

How to order

Select the size, quantity and label design of NEWtral cleaner you would like and fill in the information below, then click the Submit button. We will contact you to provide a shipping quote and finalize payment for your order. You will be provided a proof of your custom label for approval prior to production.

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