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Marketing & Selling Makeover-Part 2: Let’s Double, No Triple Your Business!

Continuing our focus on marketing we take a close look at e-Marketing designed specifically for contractors. Learn exactly how to rake in leads using the latest technology to automate the process. So simple you can’t miss it!

If you own or want to own your own tile and grout service business, knowing the right kind of marketing can be your ticket to becoming the most popular service around.

Marketing? Isn’t that like advertising? Yes, advertising is part of marketing. But marketing is so much more. Why bother to market your business? You could just take out an ad and be done with it. We’ll tell you why it’s important to market your services and how doing it right will make you (and your wallet) happy.

Marketing is simply how you want to present your service to your potential customers. A tile and grout service business is really just that; a service that you do for other people in exchange for something else. In most cases, it’s cash.

Marketing, to break it down, is the backbone of your advertising campaign. The proper marketing leads you to create the advertising that will hit home and bring in the best type of clients for your business. Marketing is the overall way you tackle your business and present it to other people: it’s how you present your service in a way that will benefit THEM most.

Why them? Why not you? By showing them how your service can benefit them, they will hire your business. People hiring you = money. Effective marketing = more people hiring you = more money. An effective marketing plan helps you create the look that you want for your business. This means that it will affect your website, your business cards, even the mail you send out. Your marketing plan extends to public relations and any other campaigns.

Developing a marketing plan will help your business by creating streamlined, effective campaign that will make people remember you and your business.

Our special this month is customizable Door Hangers and Postcards with a matching website landing page. Get your phone ringing with these professionally designed marketing tools. Optional report card allows customers to fill out a survey about your services…then use the “three-two” rule. The “three-two” rule means leaving a report card door hanger on both of your customer’s neighbors doors and the 3 neighbors across the street.

And yes, it works! People talk.

Plus Matching Website Landing Page to capture leads!

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