Tile & Grout Cleaning Equipment

One of the great parts about this business is that you don’t NEED a lot of expensive tools and equipment to make excellent money at it.  That being said, there is equipment that will dramatically increase your speed and reduce your labor.  These factors alone can literally pay for your tile and floor cleaning machines.

These are the machines we recommend for residential and light commercial tile and grout restoration.

The Hawk XHD and Hawk Brute

Hawk XHD Buffer
Hawk XHD Call for pricing

are the recommended floor buffer.  For wet projects, the machines can be customized with a water tank.  These workhorse machines with power to spare deliver top value and reliable, long-lasting performance for all your hard floor applications — office buildings, schools and universities, health care environments, retail stores, malls, and more. Variable position positive lock handle for operator comfort.


  • Variable position positive lock handle for operator comfort and safety 360-degree wrap around and-under snug fit bumper, no tools needed for replacement
  • Non-marking vinyl wheels
  • Premium dual-capacitor
  • 66 frame motor for reliability
  • Welded frame for rugged, reliable performance
  • Comfort-style vinyl handle grips for ease of use
  • One-piece chrome, heavy-duty steel handle optimum durability
  • Dual steel operating triggers for left or right hand operation
  • Thumb-operated safety-switch
  • Extra heavy-duty spring steel cord strain relief

US Products Torrent & Turbo

Torrent *List: $5687.66 YOUR PRICE: $4797.00

When cleaning tile and grout, you need a machine that can stand up to long hours and demanding environments.  The Torrent has been specifically engineered for just such environments.  The Torrent can withstand water temperatures up to 185 degrees F and needs no standard service on the pump seals until 3000 hours.  Fully adjustable from 400-1200 psi, it gives you the versatility and power you need to get the job done efficiently and effectively.  Direct water feed and auto dump feature increases production by eliminating the need to stop working and fill or empty a solution tank.

Dual, top mounted three-stage vacuums that have increased airflow efficiency and dramatically increased water recovery. The upright ergonomic, lightweight design makes it easy to transport or store by a single person

Scrub & Vac Plus -List: $687 YOUR PRICE: $637

The Scrub & Vac Accessory Pack gives you a large and small sized vacuum head with high pressure rinsing capabilities.

Turbo Tool *List: $987 YOUR PRICE: $867

The Turbo Hard Surface Tool takes all the work out of cleaning tile and grout and other hard surfaces.  Scrubs and vacuums at the same time with the pull of a handle trigger.  Combined with the high pressure from the Torrent, this combination makes tile and grout and other hard surface cleaning simple.

Set up your project with the auto fill and auto dump features of the Torrent and the high pressure cleaning and excellent suction to clean tile and grout at amazingly fast rates!  This makes tile and grout cleaning simple, highly lucrative, and painless.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Equipment Package Pricing:

1 x U.S. Products Torrent with turbo tool.
1 x Scrub and Vac plus accessory pack.

List Price: $7361.66