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     We are offering our full photography service with a new look in our photography.  During the pandemic, we invested in some new technology that has given us the ability to be more creative than ever before. 


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    HOURS :  TUESDAY - FRIDAY 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



    If you wish to order photos on-line, please visit WWW.PORTRAITORDERS.COM.  For Yearbook Portraits that were taken at the school, find your school, put in your student ID number as your passcode and your email address and your photo will pop up.  Please keep in mind that your photo may be on a different camera within your school.  For sport teams and individual photos, please call or email us for a passcode.  Please note that at the end of each summer, the photos will be taken down to make room for the following school year.



  • 2021-2022 Holiday Hours

    Dates Closed
    September 4 2021 : Labor Day
    November 25 - 27 2021 : Thanksgiving
    December 21 - January 1 2021/2022 : Christmas/New Years
    May 28th 2022 : Memorial Day
    July 2nd 2022 : Independence Day
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