Online Training Tile & Grout Cleaning Business Opportunity

Our Online Training program shows you, step by step, how to professionally clean, restore and protect ceramic and porcelain tile and grout in a residential setting from start to finish.

Combine that know-how with the included marketing components of the training program and our unparalleled support and you’ve already got 90% of what you need to get started and to be successful.  The other 10% relies on you getting out of bed every morning!

Train Online And Learn How To…

  • Build relationships with other trades that will refer your business for years
  • Change/Restore grout to any color without removing it…
  • Employ marketing techniques that bring in customers…
  • Educate your customers to maximize your profits…
  • Price jobs correctly to avoid losing your shorts…
  • Recognize the kinds of customers to avoid…

Full ONLINE VIDEO INSTRUCTION of  This Old Grout’s ceramic and porcelain tile grout restoration process, from start to finish.  Packed full of nearly 2 decades of tips and techniques.  Includes speed training bonus footage.
* High speed internet connection recommended.

Training Guide covers the basics of starting up a business; licensing for your particular area, bank accounts, uniforms, printing, etc.  Product application is discussed in detail as well as pricing, customer service, safety, advertising, marketing and much more.

Contractor Discounts of up to 40% off internet prices so you can start putting more profit in your pockets through a distributor in your area.

Ongoing Technical Support is always available at This Old Grout & Stone from one of the seasoned professionals in our Customer Service department.  Call us toll-free or email us with your product questions.

Marketing Resources includes ready to use forms and advertising in downloadable Microsoft Word format.  Simply add your company info and you’re ready for business.

  • Before & After Pictures
  • MSDS Sheets
  • Home Owner Flyer
  • Estimate Forms
  • Invoice Forms
  • Inspection Report FormsCommercial Sales LetterSample couponsDisplay Advertisement for Newspapers
  • Warranty Sheets
  • Maintenance Info for Client’s
  • Business Card Template
  • Letterhead Template
  • Maintenance Sales Package Promo
  • Comment Card
  • Report Card
  • & More!

How Much Is That Worth To You?

You don’t need to purchase our Online Training to buy our products or start a business of your own.  You could figure it out as you go…I mean tile and grout cleaning isn’t exactly rocket science right?  But how much time are you willing to burn?  Think of the time you’ll save and the insights you’ll gain from 16+ years of experience in almost every aspect of the business…how to bring customers in and get your phone ringing quickly, how to use networking to grow your business, technical support from experts in the field, customer service tips that set you apart from your competition and more!

Plus Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

You have nothing to lose! If after 90 days, you haven’t at least doubled your ridiculously low initial investment in the Online Training program, simply send everything back to us and we’ll refund 100% of your money.

How Can We Be So Confident?

We’re so confident because we’ve already proven this stuff works. As a product manufacturer, our service background in the stone, tile and grout maintenance/restoration industry provides us with a unique perspective that most manufacturers just don’t have.  We know what works, and what kinds of products and processes are required to obtain professional results.  We are familiar with the real life needs of the contractor in the field and our high quality products are easy to use and economical. We’ve proven the business models in our own business. We’ve made the profits. Our results speak for themselves..

Plus hundreds of other people have also achieved similar breathtaking results. We’ve literally helped hundreds of individuals and business owners achieve the profits and freedom they’d only imagined was possible.

But Wait! Here’s How We’ll Sweeten The Deal



Included in the Online Training package is a professional sales brochure that describe the benefits of Color Sealing and the importance of using a professional applicator.

We’ll customize this professional PDF sales brochure with your logo and contact information for printing ($80 value).  Use it to get your business off the ground quickly.



Professional Extruded Aluminum Channels-half protected, half unprotected demonstration that sells grout protection for you.  Clearly demonstrates the level of stain protection you’ll provide ($15 value).

*shipped with initial product order.


Or as we call it,
deal closer!
Show your customer exactly how their
grout will look and explain the benefits of Stain Sealing grout
using the FREE BONUS #1 and FREE BONUS #2 and you’re
years ahead of your competition!

($70 value) *shipped with initial product order.


  • Builds Your
    leave customers with the impression your company is successful and reliable.

  • Builds Your
    your customers won’t have to look for your business card when recommending your services to their family and friends, they’ll just reach for the bottle with you name on it!

  • Builds Your Bank
    adds profit to every job!

$99 Setup Fee Waived


Having a coach is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.  Our coaching program allows you to focus on and develop the parts of your business you need help with the most; marketing, networking, role-playing, technical advice, situational analysis from successful, experienced technicians and experts. ($40 value)


– FREE TRAINING! 100% Product Credit

That’s right! 100% of the ridiculously low investment in training is returned to you as a full product credit.

If you are using our products or services, your training is 100% FREE.

Some people ask why would we do such a thing? Because we want to form a strong relationship with you and help you to

achieve success and in return, we’re able to build loyal customers that support This Old Grout & Stone.

Act Now Or Lose…

This Online Training Offer With The Bonuses will have you up and running and building your profits FAST! However You Have To Act NOW…We’re not just going to give it all away forever!

This Is Strictly Available For 20 *13* People ONLY!

Give Me Immediate Access To The Online Video Training Series And Marketing Package So I Can Take Control Of My Life.  Give Me All 6 Free Bonuses So I Can Power Start My Profits. I understand that 100% Of My Investment Of $750 $495 ONLY
$395 Will Be Applied As A Product Credit Toward Anything Offered By This Old Grout.

Click Here For Immediate Access


Remember when I said you could start this business in your spare time? It’s true!  One of our trainees put himself through college at San Diego State University working out of the back of a Honda Civic on weekends and between classes.

Click the link above RIGHT NOW to start training immediately..