Discover How Easy It Is To Turn Dirty Grout Into Clean Cash

Working In Your Spare Time

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The opportunities in stone, tile & grout cleaning and restoration in North America are limitless and continue to increase at record levels. The Tile Council of North America estimates an increase of 45% growth in tile flooring installations in the past five years and predicts this will double in the next 10-15 years. This growth coupled with the billions and billions of square feet currently in existence provides an extremely lucrative and viable business opportunity which is virtually untapped.

Is There $ In Dirty Tile & Grout?

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Online Training

Our Online Training program shows you, step by step, how to professionally clean, restore and protect ceramic and porcelain tile and grout in a residential setting from start to finish. Combine that know-how with the included marketing components of the training program and our unparalleled support and you’ve already got 90% of what you need to get started and to be successful. The other 10% relies on you getting out of bed every morning!  Learn more about how to train from the comfort of your own home and add a whole new revenue stream to your lifestyle. Fill in the form to the right to find out about all of the bonuses included in the Online Training and how to get trained for FREE.

2 Days Of Hands-On, One-on-One Instruction

A full introduction to grout cleaning, color restoration and protection here in Arizona. In our Hands-On Training, we’ll take you on actual tile and grout cleaning  job sites where you can see what we do and practice until you are completely confident and comfortable with your abilities. You’ll work right along side of us and practice every aspect of the grout cleaning business…not just cleaning, color restoration and protection. Here, we can hone your skills and show you the tips and techniques we’ve developed over the last 18 years that have made us so successful in the tile and grout restoration business. Simply fill in your name and email in the form to the right to see everything that’s included with the Hands-On Training. And for a limited time, find out how to get Hands-On, On-The-Job Training For FREE.

On-Site Training

We’ll come to your location and train you and/or your maintenance staff on the complete process of tile & grout cleaning, color restoration and on-going maintenance in our On-Site Training. Edge out your the competition and gain more maintenance contracts providing a service your competitors don’t yet offer. The absolute answer to dirty, smelly and ugly restroom floor grout.

Hands-On Training at your location. One-on-one personalized instruction or small group training. Learn from the pros in a real-life setting. Learn and practice This Old Grout’s ceramic tile grout restoration process, from start to finish.  Fill your name and email into the form on the right side of this page now to find out more details about us coming to you to kick start your business.